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Short Haired Dogs and their Grooming Needs

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Grooming is not just for dogs with long hair, but for short haired dogs too. Shedding is a very natural process for dogs, despite it being rather frustrating for their humans, It is an essential part of their skin and fur health given that old or damaged hair is removed via the shedding process.

Brushing your dog regularly is essential in removing the dead undercoat. This will help your dog to regulate his or her body temperature in a more effective way, reducing the need for the dog to itch their skin. As a result, natural oils are distributed throughout the coat which undoubtedly have wonderful effects on the condition of same, given that the amount of hair being shed will reduce. This will undoubtedly aid in reducing those pesky hairs we find on our clothes and on our floors.

Grooming short haired dogs is effective in helping to regulate the body temperature of the dog. This means that the dogs hair will aid in keeping the dog cool in summer, whilst acting as an insulator in winter.

Having your short haired dog groomed means that your groomer will be able to detect if your dog has any skin conditions. The stylist can provide their insight into products which may be beneficial for your dog, or indeed may recommend you to contact your local vet. Should your groomer detect any irritation, they will ensure the most effective products will be used to deal with the issue. At Tails in Tubs, we pride ourselves' on only using vegan products. We seek to ensure that your furry family members receive nothing but the best whilst in our salon. We have a wide variety of shampoos' and are very selective in which we use on your pooch.

Upon bringing your short haired dog to our stylish salon, an initial de-shed will be carried out on their coat. This entails the use of a soft and rubbery grooming tool on the skin which to the dog, feels like a massage. Your pooch will then be bathed using one of our botanical infused conditioning shampoos. Washing not only cleans the coat thoroughly and soothes the skin, it can also remove the stubborn dead undercoat which remains post de-shed. This is undoubtedly a very relaxing time for your dog, especially in that you can choose to add on a Banana Facial at this time.

At Tails in Tubs we carry out a health check on your dog. Should we notice anything out of the ordinary we will ensure to alert you immediately. Each dog will receive an ear clean, nail clip as well as a trim of the hair between the paw pads. It is of paramount importance that your dogs nails are clipped regularly as overgrown nails can cause intense pain and discomfort.

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